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Extension Care

  • When shampooing, brush your hair through before you wet and wash. Wet your hair thoroughly and shampoo in a downwards direction from roots to ends. Do NOT pile all of your hair on-top of your head and mush it all around or rub strands between palms. This will cause friction in the cuticles and create tangles. Make sure you are gentle but thorough! Rinse the shampoo out well. If you leave any shampoo it can cause residue and buildup.
  • When conditioning, split your hair down the middle and apply conditioner from mid-shafts to ends focusing on the ends. You can use a wet brush to evenly distribute the product and undo any tangles. Let the conditioner set for 10 minutes and then rinse with COOL water. Use a conditioning mask once a week to keep your extensions lustrous and silky.
  • ALWAYS use hydrating and moisturizing products! Your extensions are not connected to your scalp. Therefore, they can’t get the nutrients they need. You need to hydrate and nourish them yourself to keep them shiny and healthy! I suggest using a creamy leave-in conditioner and oil, on towel dry hair, after every wash. Doing this, will help your hair absorb the product better and it will keep your extensions looking brand new!
  • Blow dry as little as possible with low heat settings. NEVER brush hair wet with a comb or a round brush! Only brush with a wet brush. Hair is most vulnerable to breakage when wet. When hair is about 80% dry, then you can brush through it.
  • When brushing, separate into two sections (left side/right side). Start with one of the sections, hold your hair from the roots in one hand and brush out the ends working your way up to the roots. This brushes out any tangles and avoids tension on your beads. DO NOT use a comb to brush your hair.

ONLY use the following types of brushes:

  • Loop Brush


  • All heat tools are permitted in moderation and medium heat settings.
  • ALWAYS use heat protection products first to protect your hair and the extensions from potential heat damage. Make sure your hair is 100% dry before applying any heat tools. Since you will have far more hair to work with than usual, ensure you work through in sections. Use clips to neatly work on individual sections at a time and don’t leave your tool on a section for too long.

Sleep in a loose braid or braided pigtails. This will prevent matting during sleep when you toss and turn.

NEVER sleep with wet hair in a messy bun or tight pony tail! Only In a braid!

Swimming of any kind is prohibited because chlorine and salt water can create dryness. If you will be near a pool, lake, ocean, river, etc.- apply a thick layer of oil or leave in conditioner all over your hair and put it in a braid. If for any reason your hair gets wet, rinse it in fresh cool clean water as soon as possible and do a hair mask. Again, do NOT throw it up in a wet messy bun!

High, tight pony tails and messy buns are not recommended for long periods of time. It’s too strenuous on your scalp and can cause the beads to slide out.